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DT Philly 3rd-5th Grade 2018-19 Progress

SLA Beeber #2
SLA Beeber #3
The Star Riders
Our team name is the Star Riders. My name is Taivon and my favorite thing to do is play football. My name is Makaylah and I have played soccer since i was 3 years old. My name is Morgan and my favorite subject is math. My name is Tamara and I played roblox for a long long time.My name is Aidan and my favorite color is red. My name is Samuel and I like to make comic books.
SLA Beeber #5
We are the SLA Hawks. Instead of thinking inside the box. Our team is made up of 4 scholars. We love playing sports, having fun, and thinking ingenious ideas we can't wait to learn! Go Hawks!!
The Slayers
HI we are the SLAYERS we love to have fun but, get work done.  Hi, i'm Serena and I love to dance ,WSP I'm Amatullah I like Starbucks.  Hi, I'm Laila and I like dogs.  Hewwo I'm Ava and I like dog and fortnite.  H, I'm Daviyae and I like football and the sims.  Hi, I'm Lanaa, I love my fat cat.
Carnell School #1
Crazy Monkey Squad
Crossroads Academy #1
Dragon Taker Z
Duo Gods
Fortnite Gods
Hamilton Disston School #1
Lunar Eclipse Wolves Girl Squad
Super Kittens