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DT Philly High School 2016-17 Leaderboard

Mastbaum is a vocational school with students that engage in learning trades for skills to be used after graduation. Our students that will be working on this project are from the electrical shop and carpentry shop. Our mascot is a panther and we are fierce and determined to excel in all we do. We are motivated to create something to leave for Mastbaum to make it a better place. There's no Baum like Mastbaum
We the Future(ALHS)
We are five seniors from Abraham Lincoln High School.  Our name is "We the Future."  A slogan or catch phrase that represents us is:  "if at first you don't succeed, you're not us."  We are all good students who are in the process of applying to colleges.  We want to leave a positive legacy behind at Abraham Lincoln High School.  We are school ambassadors and so we are often at events both in school and out of school.  Our school is very diverse with a population of approximately 1600 students.  We are in a Health Care CTE program so we all aspire to be health care professionals. If we had a spirit animal , Colbi would be a dragon; Cindy would be a koala; Karla would like to be a black panther. Faith would like to be a jaguar and Samantha would like to be a husky.  The greatest inventions of our lifetime were google maps, WIFI and solar panels.
Wellness Warriors
    Our team selected the catch phrase " Bold, Brave and the Best" to represent our school. We are an interesting group of students. Some of us are very talkative, some are more shy, but we are all prepared to do our best. Some of us write well, some are artists, singers and rappers. We are a creative nucleus which can generate massive (a recent vocabuary word) amount of brainstorming ideas. Bartram s a school which is rising through a new purpose and desire to succeed. We have had bad news alot, but we are planning on starting fresh with a new outlook on life here in Southwest Philadelphia. Our spirit animals would be a bird (for freedom of expression), a cheetah (to think quickly in different situations), a kitten (to be kind and gentle within the group, an owl (for wisdom), and a rabbit (clever and able to adapt to things). We think the greatest invention has been the creation of certain medications to help solve medical issues. Every community deserves to have a healthier life, and that is part of our project theme.
The Engineering Tigers 2016-17
We're the Engineering Tigers - a team of spunky creative teens dedicated to engineering and design thinking. Our goal is to DO ENGINEERING. All the time. Everywhere. We love designing, brainstorming, and creating.
Risk Taking Tigers (RTT)
RTT are the Risk Taking Tigers. We are a class of Juniors in a 3 year program. This program prepares students for both college and career.  We learn all sorts of things, learn to market, design think, team work, and what it takes to run a busines. We have been together now for 2 years with one more to go.  Our teams works hard and we take risks. We came up with the name because entrepreneurs take risks. We are entrepreneurs because we run 2 businesses.  If we could have a super power our team would want super speed so that we an get everything done quickly.  We have a t-shirt business and run the school store. We also spend time practicing for DECA competitions. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. With our business, we run everything from taking orders, hot pressing shirts, packaging,  and shiping.  Running a business is a great way for students to really interact with each other in school and get involved.  With RISK comes REWARD!  Look out for US!  We are RTT!
YAMMS - Young And Motivated Mansion Scholars
We are a group of fun, energetic, and engage students. Our team, the Young And Motivated Mansion Scholars or AKA YAMMS, strives to do well and excel in all that we do in class and at school. A nickname for our team is "The Yammies". With our briliant motivated minds we're hungry for success and accept all challanges no matter the obstacle. 
Hello we are Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School. After much consideration we decided our favorite quote is "bone app the teeth." Other than our superior meme finding skills we speak a multitude of languages like spanish and korean! We also have some very talented dancers, musicians and artists . Our school focuses on the creative and performing arts. That means we have dance, chorus, band, art, filmography and graphic design. The members of our group are in the dance program, and the Career Technical Education (CTE) program in both graphic design and filmography.  Our school is a green school which is like we are environmentally friendly.  Gen's spirit animal would be a blue parakeet, Jose would be a walrus, Isis would be a flamingo, Serena would be a lemur, Maritza would be a prarie dog, Tatiana would be a racoon. Ms. Szablya would be a giraff, Ms. McCarthy's spirit animal would be a black cat. Our team animal is the tigers, the kensington team mascot!! We think the greatest invention of our lifetime is the smartphone. This generation has the entire knowlege of the world in their pockets easily accesable at any time, proving Ms. Szablya and Ms. Mcarthy's math teachers wrong... We will carry a calculator around in our pockets when we are older :)
Marauders of the Sea
We are Thomas Edison High School Fishing Club.  Our Fishing Club takes fishing very seriously. We Live We Love We laugh and We FISH!!!                  FISH FEAR US.
We are the CHARMMS - Creative, Helpful, Artistic, Responsible, Mature, Mansion Students.  Our team is made up of honors students who work hard to reach our goals. We are unique becuase, although, there are stereotypes about us, we prove them wrong. 
CTE Kingz
Dobbins Mustangs
We are a bunch of motivated social-justice seekers, problem-fixers going to school in North Philadelphia. Our interests are varied and include cosmetology and Adobe!