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DT Philly High School 2017-18 Leaderboard

X Team
Rock River School
Fabulous Seven
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are the fabulous 7!  We believe that we are strong because we are all very different. We work within our strengths and weaknesses and put the best people on each assignment. Kelixa is the team leader, Destiny  and Jolee are the artists, Patrick keeps us motivated and is great at research, Nick and Halley is good at everything and will follow directions, Nasir keeps us laughing.  We are DECA members, cheerleaders, ROTC members, basketball players, models, and artists- we do our work and work well together. We are FABULOUS!
Team Stoup
Los Platanos
Abraham Lincoln High School
Los Platanos We are the Los Platanos!! We are apart of the Professional services here at Lincoln High school.We are here to compete in the mock competitions and take home a victory to Lincoln Railspliters.We are the future of business around the world and make a big & good impact & effect to the world that would help and improve things around the world.We are smart,intelligent,strong working men and that are looking to be certified in Microsoft and graduate from high school and have a good successful lives in businesses.
Benjamin Franklin High School 2
Benjamin Franklin High School
Edison Owls
Thomas A. Edison High School
We are the Edison Owls: Leeasha, Ashley, Nydia, William, Neftali, Shakira, Margarita, Sylvanie, Isaak, Franchesca, Jonathan, Luis, Orlando and Ramon. This is our first year working with DT Philly and we are excited! We are in Mrs. Barrett's Life Skills class where we are working towards graduating from high school, employment, and independent living skills. We are looking forward to identifying some problems in our school and coming up with ways to fix them through one of the design processes. We think this is going to a fun project and can’t wait to get started!
Engineering Tigers 2017-2018
Kensington High School
Hello! We’re The Engineering Tigers from Kensington High School! We’re juniors and seniors who love design, technology, and engineering. We meet after school to work on engineering challenges like DT Philly. We are Ernesto, Ryan, Brietney, Britney, and Anthony. We are in Mr. Cruz’s engineering level 2 class and enjoy his course. Last year we placed third in DT Philly for our cell phone cubby design. We hope to again be inspired by a new problem and try to solve it using the engineering design process. ​  
Students of Success
Abraham Lincoln High School
Our team name is "Students of Success". This group is made up of seven students; Garry Carvin, Jaffar Alzeidi, Jennifer Criollo, Cassidy Edwards, Maribel Rivera, Kerveny Brutus, and Patricia Baptiste. We are all students of Abraham Lincoln High School. Our group is made up of all seniors, who are on the path to graduation. The goal for this year is to impact and make a change in the community. Garry would like to go to college and major in nursing or biomedical engineering, and his spirit animal would be a lion. Jaffar would like to start a career in software programing after getting his bachelors degree, if he were to be one animal it would be an eagle. Jennifer plans on being a optometrist, and would be a bunny. Cassidy wants to go to college and study to be an astronomer, and if she could be one animal it would be an owl. Maribel plans on being an oncologist and her spirit animal would be a fox. Kerveny would like to become a physician assistant, and would be a tiger. Patricia wants to become a nursing assistant, and would be a panda if she were an animal.
Team Gucci
The Electrons' Protons
The Gladiators
we the gladiators are from 4 different countries and are pursuing our careers in the medical field. Mansi- I'm from India, my parents came to America when I was 2.I grew up with two lives, at home I would strictly speak Gujarati and follow Hindu rituals and practices and out of the house, I would find interest in American traditions.My life goal is to be a registered nurse. I'm Quenida im from West Africa and I have a dream of becoming an anesthesiologist. Ilysha -I love food. I play almost every sport especially football despite anyone saying its just a guys sport. I love my family and friends. I really wanna go into medicine. I love helping people and being there to help people be the best they can be. Farah- I am 16 years old turning 17 years old in a month. My parents were born and raised in Haiti but I was born in New York. I speak Creole, My favorite color is purple and my eyes are dark brown. I lived in Brooklyn most of my life but unfortunately moved to Philadelphia in 2014. I plan to become a CNA after leaving high school alongside being a college student. By the time I am 25 years old I plan to be a Pediatric.
The Helping Hands
A lot of people may ask what are the helping hands? What do they do? Most importantly who are they? Also, how does the helping hands work? I am here to tell you all about the Helping hands. The Helping Hands are people that help the homeless, or anybody that is in the need of food or clothing. The Helping Hands are a group of people who reach out to the less fortunate. The way this works is if someone is struggling or don’t have anything no : clothes,shoes,water,etc….. We help them out- give them food, and if we have any clothes that fit them, and or shoes we will help them out with that also. This group was created so we could help one another out because we are all human we all struggle a point in time. There was a time you even struggled. But it may be harder for people to get back up when they fall down, not everyone is the same and able to get back up really quick. Some people don’t have the courage to get back up because they have nobody to encourage them, but we are here to encourage you to do better!!!!!!!!!