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DT Philly K-2 Division 2017 Progress

Hamilton Disston Elementary School
Dragonflies is made up of 5 smart kindergarten designers. We are called the dragonflies because our school mascot is a dragon and we are the youngest students. Our team is very excited and our secret power includes big brains. We like snacks, recess, games and math.
Carnell Team E
Laura H. Carnell School
Design Thinkers 204
Hamilton Disston Elementary School
Design Thinkers 204 is made of up 20 resourceful 2nd grade designers.  We're called Design Thinkers 204 because we can identify design problems in our environment and solve them.  Our team is very creative, and our secret powers include never giving up until we get it right.  We like projects, we like working in groups, and we like success.  And if we could solve any problem or invent anything it would be something to end wars and create peace.
Disston Team F
Hamilton Disston Elementary School