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DT Philly K-2 Division 2018 Progress

Stephen Girard School #1
Stephen Girard
The Design Heros!
Laura H. Carnell School
Hi! We are a second grade team of Carnell students. Our team name is The Design Heros! We picked that name because we will be designers and we will problem solve! Our team members are Dylan, Sela, Radiya, Aubrey, and Jihsir. Here are the most interesting things about us. Jihsir can do a backflip. Dylan loves to play football. Sela can do a handstand. Aubrey likes pickles. Radiya loves to make art. We are so excited to participate in DT Philly!
The Eagles
Laura H. Carnell School
Hello!  We are the Eagles.  Our team is made up of 7 smart 1st grade students from Carnell.  Our team is called the Eagles because the Eagles are cool and they won.  And Eagles can fly.  If our team found a new planet we would name it Rajit.  The problem of fighting wouldn't exist on Rajit because our team would have solved it!