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DT Philly Middle School 2017-18 Leaderboard

Dynamic Developers
The Dynamic Developers are a team of 8th grade students (Jahir, Maleah, Jamar, Ezekiel, Akai and Kya) at Longstreth Elementary School who are looking to make a change in the school. Many of them have been at the school since elementary, and therefore have a long relationship with the school. They are also good friends and work well together. They are ready for the Design Thinking Challenge!    
Mighty Morphin Power Designers
We are the Mighty Morphin Power Designers. We are a group of 8th grade students at William C. Longstreth Elementary School. We saw a lot of work last year with Mr. Rocco's team in the classroom and it looked like fun. We wanted to join this year to change lots of things, one at a time. We are a mix of new students and long-time Strethers. Our names are Brianna, Jayden, Rashay, Nia, Najmah, Sameer, and Saraiah.  
Team Tigers
Hello! We are a Design Thinking Team from Tilden Middle School. "Work hard, help other team members, and always try to do your best! Our team members are "bold Brionna, creative Khail, savvy Saviyon, clever Khyree and magnanimous Mekhi." We believe it takes hard work and team work to make the dream work.
Bonjour! Our group is called 7A+ and we are an Asian group that contains 6 girls and 1 boy. Also we live in North Philly. We are in different classes but we still get along. Just saying we all are dysfunctional. Other than that, we're pretty ''normal''. We have different opinions most of the time but we always end up agreeing on things. We look forward into working with each other on this project. MEET THE MEMBERS; Sally is the kid, Christine is the mom of the group, Chaimongkon is the artist, Tabitha is more mature than the rest of us, Felicity is the clueless one, Aliyah is the calm one, and Angelina is the serious one.... GOOD DAY!
Out Smarters
Jasir: I really love anime it's my favorite thing to favorite sport is lacrosse because it’s the only sport I’m good at. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. When I get older I would like to be a lifeguard because you get money to watch people swim.The High School I want to go to is central it’s a good school I heard.  My name is Elijah I am an 8th grade student with big dreams. I want to go to Central High School and get a scholarship to a good college. I also wish to become an architect or maybe a doctor. I enjoy playing video games and lacrosse. I’m also the baby of the family with 1 brother and 6 sisters. My name is Thomas and I am in 8-217. My favorite subject is math because it’s the most important subject. I’ve been going to school at Grover since 6th grade. I have 2 sisters. My favorite sport to play is basketball and my favorite sport to watch is football... The smartest they can say, but I was never so smart. Kindness is what I’m described the most, but I’d say the somewhat.  Music is the love that always been there for me. That’s who I believe I am… I’m just a person named Ryan Thach. That’s just the beginning of the storyline. Desere was not with us while we did this introduction...
Team ABC
All about Team ABC - The members: Cierra, Khyle, Liam, and Zezah.  Cierra: ”I like to play softball and I’ve been in MG for about 4 years. I like the DT Philly project so far and I think I’m going to enjoy doing it throughout the year.”  Khyle: “My name is Khyle and I like dance, books, and learning new things. My feelings on the DT Philly project is that it will be fun for me and my teammates, and a great experience.”  Liam: “I’m Liam and I really like video games and enjoy reading books. I also like to explore places that catch my eye. I’m very excited to start this project and I think this will be a good year.”  Zezah: “I’m Zezah and I’m new to the MG program but I think I’ll be a good addition to team ABC.”    
The Fabulous 5
There are four girls and one boy in our group. We are all very creative 8th graders. We work together well and will use our skills to our advantage. Hopefully we will win this competition. We will grow as we learn along this journey either way.
The H2Os
Hello!  We are The H20s!  Our idea is a continuation of our idea from last year as Team Minerva, which is an outdoor space.  My name is Julie, I am the leader of our small group, we also have Damien, Cedric, and Michael.  Damien is the funny, "smart", one who keeps up entertained while still helping us a bit.  Cedric is the smart, logical one who helps us out a lot while still cracking a joke or two.  Michael is the new member who we have yet to discover but we believe he is going to be a very important member.  Together, as The H20s, we are a family... A family who is educated and who loves to work together!
Our group TropicalZZZ consists of:  Amina, Sanaa, and Aaron. We all attend Grover Washington Jr. Middle School. We are called TropicalZZZ because each one of us are mixed with something different. -A.W is Guyanese and Malian -S.F is Peurto Rican -A.G is half Cuban
Cookies and Creme
Our team is made up of 8th graders and we are not the best but we will try to be the best that we can. Also, we are very intelligent children and I think we can overcome most of the challengers that we will come in contact with. We are very creative and inventive and I think if we put our minds to the challenge we can do the best of our ability. We are the toughest competitors that you can meet and we are a friendly with good sportsmanship. Lastly, we think outside the box using the famous method "GRIT".
Team Athena
Hi. We are Team Athena.  Our team members are Jadyn, 8th grade, Cameron, 7th grade, Sidney, 7th grade, and Jared, 7th grade.  We are a group of optimistic and intelligent individuals.  Some of the things we want to be when we are older are a Marine Biologist, a Video Game Designer, and a Doctor.  We enjoy creating things with simple materials such as rubber bands, chopsticks, and pipe cleaners.
Disston Dreamers
Hello! We are 7th graders at Hamilton Disston Elementary School. Our team slogan is, Come on and shout! "One Team! One Dream and We can ALL build, create, imagine, and achieve! Our names are Sydney Mercer, Alexandra Platel, Ahmed Ibrahim, Bradley McGinley, Julissa Cruz, Jarelys Pagan, and Angelina Rivera! We are quick thinkers, smart, confident, and we want to get the WORK DONE by helping each other and working as a team!
The Black Power Puff Girls
We're an all 8th grade female group that shows we can do the same thing as men.
This is our group Y.D.M.T, we only have four members, Erika, Brianna,Paige, and Jalixza. Brianna is the oldest member of our group, being the first to turn thirteen. Then Erika who is also thirteen, Paige who is twelve, and Jalixza is thirteen but wanted to be last. We all like anime and memes. We also love the Ghostbusters theme song. We still love to laugh. It’s important to know we aren’t going to win anything, but Mr. Delp made us join. Brianna likes TV, Paige likes good grades, Erika likes UnderTale cosplay, and Jalixza likes to be nice to people.
Joyful Jaguars
Hello!  We are the joyful jaguars and students of Tilden Middle School.  Our names are Bryonna Mahoney, Galliyah Thach, India Lawrence, Jayden Burks and Cameron Opher.  We believe that we are confident, intelligent and capable of being college bound
Zion is the one who loves learning about history, music, and knows multiple languages. Leah is the one who loves cooking, smart, scientific, and plays the fiddle. What makes our group different is the fact that we both have different unique talents that will help us get into a very good colleges, which will lead to us have a very successful jobs in the future. We both have different talents that make our team unique and special with the exception of one of us liking our homework for math and the other doesn’t really like much, but we work together and make a great team. What we have in common is we both like to eat, sleep, watch T.V, and do our homework, and we always try and get it done on time and completely finished.
Essential Skittles
Hello, we are 7th graders from Mitchell Elementary. Our names are Charlene, Sydney, Morrisa, Derrick, Israeal, and Daequan. We are excited about learning new things like History or Math and about working together to help others in need, and we enjoy helping others. We try our best to help as much as possible, even when we can't do much or anything at all. Our goal is to help as much as we can and get smarter.
Our team is called L.L.V.M.Z.! We only have 5 members in this group. Our names are Lyla, Luel, Valaysa, Myara, and Zhekai. Our team strengths are working together and getting along even though we are not always friends with each other. We still try hard to respect each other. One thing we're excited and focusing on are our goals. We're in a school called S.W. Mitchell Elementary, and working as a team is going alright so far!
The Sparks
Hey, we are The Sparks. We work hard and spark like starts. One day we all would want to go to Mars. We all like candy bars. We go to Mitchell and we in 7th grade. If u mess with us you get played. Our names are Symirrah, Takaya, Darnell, Shamia, and Kelya.  It don't rhyme but we cant wait to go to prom, we slay our grades, and Darnell don't even have waves. And we don't like slaves. We cant wait to get paid.
We are A.A.N.M.S. and we go to Tildem Middle School.  Our group members names are  Aliyah, Aaliyah, Nakia, Matenjay and Simeon.  We think of the happy future and the challenges that come our way.  We are happy to be a group and to find a way to make things happen.
Team Achievers
Hi! We are Team Achievers! We are very excited about working together and making an amazing project. We are all very smart, we love being in 7th grade and going to Mitchell. We work together very well, so our project should be very good. We are also nice and friendly people. Our names are Tykaya, Chyania, Tamir, and Assan. Science is our favorite subject because it's fun and we get to do many things!
The Nizzy's
Team Elmo
Elines’s favorite sport is basketball. Salayna’s favorite sport is basketball. Jason’s favorite sport is basketball. Savannah’s favorite sport is also basketball. Elines’s favorite food is cheese fries. Jason’s favorite food is pizza. Salayna’s favorite food is pizza. Savannah’s favorite food it pickles. Salayna’s favorite place to shop is the mall. Elines’s favorite place to shop is the mall. Savannah’s favorite place to shop is Victoria Secret. Jason’s favorite place to shop is American Eagle. Inaya's favorite food is pizza.
Terrific Thinkers
Hello! We are the Terrific Thinkers and we are student of Mitchell Elementary school.Our names are Anbrea, Jayonah, Deshe, Zeinabou and Khayuan and together we think as one.We are so excited to be a group and to be confident, prepared and proud of our future work!
Five Tails
Hi we are team “Five Tails”, we got our name from a fox named Kurama who is a nine tail beast fox. Kellen is 1, he like’s music and do dance to it he is brave and also confident he also helps the group to help us understand the question. Angel is 2, he is smart and a fast thinking, he is pretty smart but when it comes to a problem we can’t get to he has a solution and sometimes his brain is fast enough to slow his mouth and he helps us a lot. Osbanny is 3, he is from Domincan and he wants to have fun playing basketball, he is the one asks the questions but the ones that we need to answer to keep getting clues to answer the questions and he also writes for most of the time then Angel. Jeremy is 4, he lived in Puerto Rico and he lived through Hurricane Maria and he is also fast and he likes pizza. Jeremy is really helpful by getting our idea of what we should do for what we do. Mark is 5, he stands for strength and durability he likes milk, shoes etc let’s just say everyone needs a friend like mark he basically is our body considering how strong he is. But he isn just a bodyguard he is also our friend and is very funny he helps us by knowing what to do.
The members in this group JESSIYAH,Erica,rasheen,india. Our group name is take.Jessiyah she funny and loud and nice.Erica is just quiet and she talk sometimes but not all the time and is mean The thing I think makes us different is our personalities and our soul. About our team we all are intelligent and smart but nobody in this group smarter than (JESSIYAH)..Erica is the quiet one in this group.and india don’t do anything. Mr.delp took her out this group but she still choose to come.#stamped! Rasheen is just cool sometime.
Tilden Thinkers
Hi!  We are the Tilden Thinkers.  Our names are Rahime White, Adams Vo, Wilson Kabre, Orias N’djore, Tzadiq Griffith.  We are working hard to help our classmates to be leaders.  Also, we the Tilden Thinkers are trying to make Tilden Middle School a better place for us and our peers.
New Edition
This is our group.  We like to learn and have fun.  Our favorite subject is math.  We are members of the mighty section 621. We are the littlest group in our class.  We laugh a lot, but we get our work done.  We love our teachers.  Our names are Kyanna Woods, Xakhiyah White, Anthony Jackson, Ninlashaw Wongbee, and Nadir Willar.  We go to Tilde Middle school and we are college bound.
SBE Team
Hello!  We are the SBEteam.  We go to Tilden Middle School.  Our names are Amin, Lashyne, Kharee, Quadir and Zakkirah.  Together we are smart thinkers.  We are confident to be a group.  We are ready and excited about our future work.  WE hope that we succeed in life.  We work very hard together.
The Thinkers
HI! Our names are Robina Sarwar, Emily Siu, Tyjunae Wilson, Manora Mc Croy and David Kpadeh.  We love to do creative things.  We are students at Tilden Middle School.  We are good students.  We do work and follow directions.  We do what’s right and we don’t like to fight.
Tilden Tigers
Hi! Our names are Jordan Hayes, Maiamouna Nanakasse, Mariama Kamagate, Alex Kazied, and Tesfabirah Mangistu.  We are 6th graders at William T. Tilden Middle School.  We have been in school for almost a month. We are having a great experience in and after school.  Also, we learned the 4 B’s, which are to Be Prompt, Be Polite, Be Prepared, and Be Productive.  We are trying to make a difference at William T. Tilden Middle School.  We are great leaders for Tilden Middle School.
Black Eagles
Kailey, Kiara, Marisol and me are in the same group and are group name is the Black Eagles. Kailey is the one who is always laughing and has little patience most of the time. Kiara is the quite one, she does not really talk. Marisol is the nice and sweet one that helps you when you need it. India (aka myself) im the over protected one.    
Kings & Queens
Hello!  We are 6th graders at Tilden Middle School.  The Kings and Queens are Tru Nguyen, Kebeh Gayweh, Shebab Nagi, Victoria Semevar and Assn Tounkara.  WE set the standards for creativity.
Savage Gang
Hi my name is SEAN. i am a student at penn treaty. My favorite sport is baseball and i love it but three years ago i had a slip and fall knee and back injury and they told me i would not be able to play baseball or any sport again. And after that day my life has been miserable ever since and now i don't have anything to do after school so i just sit in side every day some time i go outside but there's really not any thing to do so i just do my homework and clean and go to sleep but i will stay strong and never give up. And someday i will become some oe. My name is CHARLES and I like to play sports. My favorite sport is football because you can tackle people and run routes and go out for passes. My favorite NFL team is the NEW England Patriots. I always loved the patriots since i was really small. I have always loved the quarterback tom brady because he inspired me to keep going and never give up. In 2012 he inspired tom brady got injured and he still played and blew out the titans 59 to 0 and got mvp of the year. Heller dudee!!!! My name is BRIAN C. I am 13 years old and a student at this SCHOOL PENN TREATY. Its cool. I don't eat meat but i like pizza and fried chicken and HOTDOGS! Someday i hope to not be so childish and also a HYPEBEAST. Someday i hope to be better than my family. Ion how but i just know it will happen. I want to inspire people and make this world a better place.
The Evans
My team name is the the Evans My name is brian stevenson Team mates are Evan, Gabriel, Damier Tarver, and Brian Stevenson Ph 1: Gabriel is nice kind and a great friend to have. Evan is a good friend that I have. And he was my first friend to have. Damier is a fun playful friend to have and he is a very kind and nice friend. And all of them are my best friends to have of all time. Hi my name is Gabriel Morales one thing are group has in common is that we were all in the same class before.Also we are all friends and we all like to play sports like basketball and football. Also we all like pizza, chinese food, mc donalds. Also I like to watch football my favorite team is the Eagles. Also favorite basketball team are the cavalier. Hi my name is DAMIER TARVER and i like football because they have and have helmets. My favorite team is the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS. They have some of the best players in the NFL today! I love the SEAHAWKS colors blue is my favorite color. My favorite player on the SEAHAWKS is Richard Sherman. I like him because he went to the super bowl all lot of times, And i cornerbacks. The most INT he had was 32 but he's getting more every game the hs 395 yards. Even though he is injury he's still the best player on the NFL to me. Richard Sherman was born Mar 30.That's why i love the seahawks. My team name is the Evans Hey i’m Evan Doheny and I like pizza,rice ,chicken. And my friends are so nice to me. Gabriel is a nice and cool he's my best friend. Brian likes to play football and he's a nice kid. Damier likes to play basketball and he's corny. And they are my friends in my school.
The Flash
Jorge C.: plays a lot of video games and watches tv a lot also he loves girls but get his work done. Justin G: plays video games, likes math, get his work done::Justin B. Love dirtbike's video games and sports i always try to do what i can to help.Nathaniel.c likes rap music and games also i like watching vines.  
The Money Squad
Hello! We are the money squad and we go to Tilden Middle School.  Our names are Shafee, Raymond, Emmanuel and Wafiq.  Together we make lots of money.  We spend money really easily.  We always make it back. We treat our moms and dads to dinner. Some of our money goes to charity.  We are always trying to stop bullying at our school.
The Wolves
EMMANUELLE wants to play for a football team he is really good at football and he is also funny too.  Braxton is the best at basketball. He also likes to play football, but isn’t good at it. And i that Braxton should play for a basketball team.  Taahir plays football he is the best in the class at it  he also plays basketball second best  at it Taahir is also funny 2nd class clown in our class.    Jose is the one with the curliest hair in the class taahir is a sneaker head and he is funny AKA the class clown. And also me and Taahir love to play video games we both play ps4 that’s probably something that we all enjoy and we all love candy AKA jose is the class clown.
Creative Thinkers
Hi.  We are the creative thinkers.  We work very hard on all of our projects.  We think about creating things every day.  We are the creative thinkers.
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