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Brainstorming with the Seven Olympians

Monday, March 14, 2016

Our student designers know that brainstorming is fun (let your imagination fly!) but it's also hard work to bring new ideas to existing situations.  It can help to break your big design problem down into smaller chunks to focus your brainstorming, and here's a great example of how one of our teams did just that.  While researching their design challenge--How might we create a student-friendly playground at our school to ensure a safe, fun, and productive recess for students and people who use the playground?--Carnell's Seven Olympians learned there were a few key needs their solution could address within the constraints of their environment:  1) cleaning up the playground, 2) improving safety, and 3) making the playground more attractive and student friendly.  They spent a little time brainstorming around each of those needs, and they came up with a variety of ideas ranging from the practical to the far-out!  If your team needs help with your brainstorming, check out your colleagues' work for inspiration (under the "Genius at Work" deliverable) and give us a call!