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Bringing DT into the Classroom

Friday, October 6, 2017

DT Philly's 2017 teacher training at Drexel included an ice-cream-sundae-making exercise.

It was an exciting start to the school year for Design Thinking Philadelphia as we witnessed a shift in how teachers are using the program.  Once employed primarily as an extracurricular activity, more teachers are now integrating DT Philly into the classroom as a tool to promote engaged learning and critical thinking.  Participating teachers hail from all disciplines including core academic subjects as well as career and technical education specialties, and they are implementing the program with students across the academic spectrum including mentally gifted as well as those with special needs.  Why does design thinking resonate with our educators?  As one teacher explained, DT Philly "allows opportunities for creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration in an authentic 21st century context."  Check back throughout the year to learn more about the challenges our students and teachers are exploring through design thinking!  And welcome to our 2017-18 high school and middle school partners:  Abraham Lincoln High School, Benjamin Franklin High School, Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School, Hamilton Disston School, Kensington High School, Penn Treaty School, S. Weir Mitchell School, Shawmont School, Thomas Alva Edison High School, Warren G. Harding Middle School, William C. Longstreth School, and William T. Tilden Middle School.