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The Caring Cart Sows Seeds of Change

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Wellness Warriors design team at Bartram High School was dreaming big last year when they decided to address their peers’ desire to have a fun, green space where educational and cultural activities could take place.  The more people they spoke with, the more potential users they discovered…including younger students from nearby schools, and members of the surrounding community.  As the scope of the project grew, the team decided to focus less on the physical space and more on the outcome they hoped to achieve--building community and connecting people through activities.  This opened up new possibilities, and the team settled on the idea of using a mobile cart and travelling programs to sow “seeds of change” in the community.  Thanks to a generous donation of a cart, the students were able to develop and offer art, cooking, gardening, and reading/storytelling activities during the spring and summer months.  The team received donated goods from numerous community partners to facilitate programming, their activities promoted academic and social skills, and their outreach created opportunities to be supportive of students and neighbors who are dealing with problems in school or at home.  The students’ teacher, Mr. Thomas, said, “Our cooking programs were so popular that we ran out of food sometimes.  Our healthy food recipes were a hit!”  He also shared that many adults complimented the students on their leadership and volunteered to help them continue their activities...a sign that the team is achieving one of the goals they identified in their research and brainstorming:  brining people together in their community.