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Congratulations 6th-8th Grade Design Teams!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Team 7A+ from Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School

Citizens Bank Park hosted a celebration of creativity yesterday as our 6th-8th grade DT Philly teams gathered to share their work with each other and a jury of design professionals.  

Over lunch, the judges heard from twelve teams on topics ranging from improving a school's recycling practices to supporting students who experience depression to designing a system to safely store and track students' reward "money" at school.  The teams have been hard at work since September, building their design portfolios through a series of weekly activities, and their final presentations included an essay, a budget and implementation plan, a 5-minute oral presentation, and Q-and-A with the judges.  (Click here for project summaries.)

Architect Fletcher MacNeill (Principal, Health Care Practice, NORR), industrial designer Eric Schneider (Assistant Professor, Jefferson University and President, Phase One Design), and architect Ian Smith (Principal, Ian Smith Design Group) served as the design jury, providing thoughtful feedback and encouragement to each team.  Evaluations also took into consideration the quality and thoroughness of the students' work throughout their projects.  

Team ABC of Shawmont School took top honors for the day, impressing the judges with the empathy they displayed and the level of detail the put into designing a program to support victims of bullying in their school.  The Dynamic Developers of Longstreth School came in second for their ambitious project addressing uncomfortable classroom seating.  Team Tigers of Tilden Middle School came in third with a comprehensive program designed to reduce littering  and promote recycling and composting at their school.  And the Out Smarters of Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School took home the Designer's Choice Award--determined by a vote of all students who participated in DT Philly--for their initiative to better balance students' needs and transition times at their school.

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in DT Philly this year and inspired us with their hard work and creative thinking.  We would also like to thank the Phillies and Aramark for hosting the Design Showcase and making the day special; the judges for taking the time to recognize and support the students' work; and the teachers who invested a great deal of time in the program to ensure their students' success!

Pictured below are:  Team ABC of Shawmont School, the Dynamic Developers of Longstreth School, Team Tigers of Tilden Middle School, and the Out Smarters of Grover Washinton, Jr. Middle School.