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Congratulations Panthers!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

One day after graduation, and one day before the school year ended, the three senior members of the Mastbaum Panther design team cut the ribbon on their DT Philly project and gift to the school...the Panther Store!  Going forward, students will have no excuse to be out of uniform or without basic school supplies, and they'll be able to pick these items up at a great price in a beautiful room.  The students worked hard to think through the layout and operating plan and to renovate Room 209, tearing out old fixtures, painting, replacing lighting and ceiling tiles, developing signage, installing whiteboards, creating display areas, and more.  Congratulations to Mark, Keenan, and Darius on their great work, and thank you to Andrew Ferrarelli, the Mastbaum staff and students, and the Philadelphia Academies staff who helped them implement their DT Philly project!