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A Shout Out for King Dynasty

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Badges designed by members of the Smarticle Particles design team

The Smarticle Particles design team at Kensington Business High School is recognizing the work of a fellow design team by creating and awarding their own badges!  Here's what the Smarticle Particles want to say to their colleagues at Martin Luther King High School:  

  • "This badge is for King Dynasty because of their "How Might We" response. They talked about a problem with cell phones and how easily they break; they were trying to come up with a way for cellphones not to break as easily and save people money.  I decided to call this the Martin Cooper Badge because Martin Cooper is a visionary in the wireless communications industry who helped to invent the first cellphone. I think he would be proud of King Dynasty and their innovative ideas."  
  • "Why [did we choose King Dynasty]? For having a creavtive idea to fix a common problem."
  • "This badge is awarded to King Dynasty. They have always been on top of the board and create great work. "

Congratulations King Dynasty, and thank you Smarticle Particles!