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About Us

Dragonflies is made up of 5 smart kindergarten designers. We are called the dragonflies because our school mascot is a dragon and we are the youngest students. Our team is very excited and our secret power includes big brains. We like snacks, recess, games and math.

Our Progress

Due Assignment Max Points Our Points
Jan 20
Jan 27
1Welcome to DT Philly! We're excited that you decided to join us this year, and we love your team name! We're sure your big brains will help you do some fun and creative work on your DT Philly project.
Jan 27
1Nice work--you're drawings and your thinking are spot on!
Jan 20
Feb 3
1Wow, you identified some really important problems that you see around you. What are your cubbies used for and why don't they currently work (are they physically broken or do they not meet the needs of the class for some other reason)? We're wondering if your design question might be something like "How might we improve the storage system in Room 108 so students (and the teacher?) can _______________?" (keep coats and bookbags organized? more easily access classroom supplies? --We're not quite sure what it is you want to do.) After you do some research, you might decide that your solution ideas could range from repairing your current system to adding new things to that system to trying an entirely different approach!
Feb 10
1You asked some really great questions in your exploration plan. Specifically, "How do people use cubbies, what do they need?" sounds like something a professional designer might ask when trying to learn about a problem.
Jan 20
Way to go!! Your good observation skills will serve you well in your design work.
Feb 17
1Your team did a great job identifying lots of different problems with the cubbies. It's amazing how many things you notice when you take time to research.
Feb 24
1It sounds like the problem with the cubbies is upsetting for you and your classmates. We're not quite sure what they look like currently...if they were bigger or a different shape, would they hold coats and bags more easily? You're idea about the doors--or, more generally, a way to keep things contained in the space--is a good thought. When you get to your brainstorming, you may think of some other ways to keep things in besides a door. Keep up the good work!
Jan 20
Applesauce with a straw! We hope you had fun with this activity, and that you use the same kind of creativity when you do your brainstorming for your design challenge.
Mar 3
1Wow--you did a better job identifying goals to brainstorm around than some of our high school teams do! Having your solution be attractive, keep things safe, and keep things from falling are all great objectives! And you came up with some good ideas. We have some designers (you can find them in the designer directory on our website) who you could email and see if they can help you with your prototyping, if you want. If you copy me on the email (, I can help you make contact if you don't hear back. Keep up the good work!
Jan 20
This is very colorful! It looks like a fun and imaginative place to play!
Mar 10
1Thanks for sharing your sketches! Do the cubbies you're designing have any special features?
Mar 17
1These look like fun prototypes. We love the way you personalized them!
Jan 20
Mar 24
1It looks like you got some really useful feedback on your design! Are you interested in trying to build some of these new cubbies?
Jan 20
Mar 31
It's wonderful to see so many pictures of the final design! Can you share a few more details about what you did in each design thinking stage to fully tell your story?
Mar 31
1Thank you for the excellent feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed participating in DT Philly this year and had the opportunity to design, build, and paint to solve a problem in your classroom.


The Design Thinker

An intrepid explorer with a treasure chest of strategies and tools, able to tackle problems large and small.


The Empathizer

A perceptive observer and listener,  able to understand what other people think and feel.

The Definer

A curious collaborator, able to ask great questions and driven to dig deep to find the root of a problem.


The Ideater

A bold and hardworking thinker, able to imagine lots of new ways to solve tricky problems.


The Prototyper

An inventive builder, able to transform ideas into real objects or experiences with her own two hands.


The Tester

An open-minded experimenter, able to use what he sees and hears to make solutions even better. 


The Presenter

A confident storyteller, able to clearly describe and explain what she wants people to understand.