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Design Thinkers 204

About Us

Design Thinkers 204 is made of up 20 resourceful 2nd grade designers.  We're called Design Thinkers 204 because we can identify design problems in our environment and solve them.  Our team is very creative, and our secret powers include never giving up until we get it right.  We like projects, we like working in groups, and we like success.  And if we could solve any problem or invent anything it would be something to end wars and create peace.


The Design Thinker

An intrepid explorer with a treasure chest of strategies and tools, able to tackle problems large and small.


The Empathizer

A perceptive observer and listener,  able to understand what other people think and feel.

The Definer

A curious collaborator, able to ask great questions and driven to dig deep to find the root of a problem.


The Ideater

A bold and hardworking thinker, able to imagine lots of new ways to solve tricky problems.


The Prototyper

An inventive builder, able to transform ideas into real objects or experiences with her own two hands.


The Tester

An open-minded experimenter, able to use what he sees and hears to make solutions even better. 


The Presenter

A confident storyteller, able to clearly describe and explain what she wants people to understand.