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Our team name is "Students of Success". This group is made up of seven students; Garry Carvin, Jaffar Alzeidi, Jennifer Criollo, Cassidy Edwards, Maribel Rivera, Kerveny Brutus, and Patricia Baptiste. We are all students of Abraham Lincoln High School. Our group is made up of all seniors, who are on the path to graduation. The goal for this year is to impact and make a change in the community. Garry would like to go to college and major in nursing or biomedical engineering, and his spirit animal would be a lion. Jaffar would like to start a career in software programing after getting his bachelors degree, if he were to be one animal it would be an eagle. Jennifer plans on being a optometrist, and would be a bunny. Cassidy wants to go to college and study to be an astronomer, and if she could be one animal it would be an owl. Maribel plans on being an oncologist and her spirit animal would be a fox. Kerveny would like to become a physician assistant, and would be a tiger. Patricia wants to become a nursing assistant, and would be a panda if she were an animal.

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11/2/17 · Assignment:
Cassidy Edwards · Students of Success
10/10/17 · Assignment:
Garry Carvin · Students of Success
During the day we discussed how we could introduce nap time in high school. After discussing it with the group we made a camera for security for when the students are asleep. i t would be used for evidence if someone stole something or tried anything inappropriate or harmful during the napping period.


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