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We are the Edison Owls: Leeasha, Ashley, Nydia, William, Neftali, Shakira, Margarita, Sylvanie, Isaak, Franchesca, Jonathan, Luis, Orlando and Ramon. This is our first year working with DT Philly and we are excited! We are in Mrs. Barrett's Life Skills class where we are working towards graduating from high school, employment, and independent living skills. We are looking forward to identifying some problems in our school and coming up with ways to fix them through one of the design processes. We think this is going to a fun project and can’t wait to get started!

Recent comments on our work:

1/31/18 · Assignment:
Linda Barrett · Edison Owls
Forgot to say who we are reviewing: Great Job Fabulous Seven!
1/31/18 · Assignment:
Linda Barrett · Edison Owls
We'd like to award them the Prototype Stage CBE Badge!
1/12/18 · Assignment:
Micheal Clement · The Golden Tigers, Team Tigers, Team Tigers
Hello. If you had a washer machine in your classroom like we do, i think it will be great idea to wash the uniforms. Your design concept is really important,, because, kids need help with uniforms.
1/11/18 · Assignment:
Angelina Lay · 7A+
Edison Owls-Next Steps We think that the questionnaire are very descriptive. It was a great alternative to test your design without actually building it. We think the survey will help give out ideas for your prototype. Many students have problems with uniform policies and the survey will help you know what students fell about the uniform policies. I think your teams idea will make a great effort towards the school's community.
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Cameron Esbensen · Minerva, Team Athena
Nice plan keep it up! We in team Athena are routing for you!
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Sidney Stackhouse · Team Athena


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

Socializer Badge

Nice work getting the conversation started!  Collaboration is key to the design process!