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The Helping Hands

About Us

A lot of people may ask what are the helping hands? What do they do? Most importantly who are they? Also, how does the helping hands work?

I am here to tell you all about the Helping hands. The Helping Hands are people that help the homeless, or anybody that is in the need of food or clothing. The Helping Hands are a group of people who reach out to the less fortunate. The way this works is if someone is struggling or don’t have anything no : clothes,shoes,water,etc….. We help them out- give them food, and if we have any clothes that fit them, and or shoes we will help them out with that also. This group was created so we could help one another out because we are all human we all struggle a point in time. There was a time you even struggled. But it may be harder for people to get back up when they fall down, not everyone is the same and able to get back up really quick. Some people don’t have the courage to get back up because they have nobody to encourage them, but we are here to encourage you to do better!!!!!!!!!  

Recent comments on our work:

1/12/18 · Assignment:
Micheal Clement · The Golden Tigers, Team Tigers, Team Tigers
The survey is a really good idea, because you don't have to waste money. Are you going to make an online survey or an paper survey?We're trying to learn to do a survey using Google Survey.
1/12/18 · Assignment:
Cameron Esbensen · Minerva, Team Athena
Except we do award you the badge for thinking of other people.
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Cameron Esbensen · Minerva, Team Athena
Maybe you can possibly try more connections/fundraisers than just simply selling candy just that alone may not be enough maybe you can host an event or teach younger children something for a price, and all the funds will go towards your project. yet your entire idea as a whole is great. We like your idea to bring each other together.


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