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Stephen Girard School #1

Our Progress

Due Assignment Max Points Our Points
Mar 23
Jan 12
Jan 19
Mar 23
Jan 26
Feb 2
Mar 23
Feb 9
Feb 16
Mar 23
Feb 23
1Thanks for doing this activity with us! You had lots of good ideas.
Mar 23
It sounds like you had fun with this!
Mar 2
Mar 9
1Thanks for inviting us out to work on this with you!
Mar 23
Mar 16
Mar 23
Mar 23
1What a great video! Congratulations on a wonderful project.
Feb 23


Design Thinker

An intrepid explorer, equipped with the skills and tools to conquer challenges large and small.


A perceptive observer and thoughtful listener, adept at understanding how other people think and feel.


An inquisitive investigator, driven to dig deeper and discover hidden 


A creative and flexible thinker, brimming with imaginative ways to solve tricky problems.


An inventive builder, able to transform ideas into real objects or experiences with his own two hands.


An open-minded experimenter, dedicated to improving solutions through trial and error. 


A mesmerizing storyteller, inspired to engage and inform audiences through words and pictures.