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Bonjour! Our group is called 7A+ and we are an Asian group that contains 6 girls and 1 boy. Also we live in North Philly. We are in different classes but we still get along. Just saying we all are dysfunctional. Other than that, we're pretty ''normal''. We have different opinions most of the time but we always end up agreeing on things. We look forward into working with each other on this project. MEET THE MEMBERS; Sally is the kid, Christine is the mom of the group, Chaimongkon is the artist, Tabitha is more mature than the rest of us, Felicity is the clueless one, Aliyah is the calm one, and Angelina is the serious one.... GOOD DAY!

Recent comments on our work:

1/22/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
We are giving you the Mr. Clean Award for your idea!
1/22/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
I liked the way you thought of a way to help trash get into the trash can. We have cleaners in the building who are students, but they play around. Yours would be better. Have you thought about not making it talk, but flash messages, like a screen or something? it could say good job or Thank you or a number for the next reward. Good luck!!!
12/18/17 · Assignment:
Tabitha Lam · 7A+
We thought we made this to share
12/18/17 · Assignment:
Gina Griffith · The Black Power Puff Girls, Out Smarters, 7A+, Cookies and Creme, The Fabulous 5, TropicalZZZ, Monstars, N.O., Delavietie, Triple Threat, Team Thunder, NASA, QuadSquad
See lower, work is attached
1/18/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
good job
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Khyle Thompson · Shawmont Roaring Lions, Team ABC, Ravens
You guys really are the bomb! This technique is extremely awesome!

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