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Cookies and Creme

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Our team is made up of 8th graders and we are not the best but we will try to be the best that we can. Also, we are very intelligent children and I think we can overcome most of the challengers that we will come in contact with. We are very creative and inventive and I think if we put our minds to the challenge we can do the best of our ability. We are the toughest competitors that you can meet and we are a friendly with good sportsmanship. Lastly, we think outside the box using the famous method "GRIT".

Recent comments on our work:

1/9/18 · Assignment:
Khyle Thompson · Shawmont Roaring Lions, Team ABC, Ravens
This is a extremely extraordinar-y idea. You guys really out did yourselves! Keep up the good work.
10/11/17 · Assignment:
Mark Phanor · Cookies and Creme
How can I change the team picture?

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Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

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