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Mighty Morphin Power Designers

About Us

We are the Mighty Morphin Power Designers. We are a group of 8th grade students at William C. Longstreth Elementary School. We saw a lot of work last year with Mr. Rocco's team in the classroom and it looked like fun. We wanted to join this year to change lots of things, one at a time. We are a mix of new students and long-time Strethers. Our names are Brianna, Jayden, Rashay, Nia, Najmah, Sameer, and Saraiah.


Recent comments on our work:

1/28/18 · Assignment:
Ryan Thach · Out Smarters
We have incentive money here too, Ours is called grover gold. We did not see what you made, we just saw the dollars. Is it like a wallet? We award them the Protecter badge, for trying to help people protect their dollars.
1/3/18 · Assignment:
Patrick Obogo · Fabulous Seven
way to go! this would make students want to get their work done.
1/18/18 · Assignment:
Ryan Thach · Out Smarters
I like your creativity. Also, nice job on the drawings. Its way better than what I can draw. It looks amazing!
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Sidney Stackhouse · Team Athena
Nice job keep it up because you know the way

Our Progress


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

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