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Jasir: I really love anime it's my favorite thing to favorite sport is lacrosse because it’s the only sport I’m good at. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. When I get older I would like to be a lifeguard because you get money to watch people swim.The High School I want to go to is central it’s a good school I heard.  My name is Elijah I am an 8th grade student with big dreams. I want to go to Central High School and get a scholarship to a good college. I also wish to become an architect or maybe a doctor. I enjoy playing video games and lacrosse. I’m also the baby of the family with 1 brother and 6 sisters. My name is Thomas and I am in 8-217. My favorite subject is math because it’s the most important subject. I’ve been going to school at Grover since 6th grade. I have 2 sisters. My favorite sport to play is basketball and my favorite sport to watch is football... The smartest they can say, but I was never so smart. Kindness is what I’m described the most, but I’d say the somewhat.  Music is the love that always been there for me. That’s who I believe I am… I’m just a person named Ryan Thach. That’s just the beginning of the storyline. Desere was not with us while we did this introduction...

Recent comments on our work:

1/19/18 · Assignment:
Ryan Thach · Out Smarters
All the uploads seem to be the same even though we put different uploads so we will upload them separately
1/22/18 · Assignment:
Jamar Harris · Dynamic Developers
We started out having a problem thinking about how everyone is the same when we were thinking about our chairs. there are different sizes of students like you had to think about boys and girls. We are giving you the Thinking Award for admitting you need to think about how you need to keep thinking. good luck!!
1/18/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
good job
11/20/17 · Assignment:
Aasiyah Boone · The Black Power Puff Girls
This is the wrong team, Ms. Griffith must have made an error when she added it for them.
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Khyle Thompson · Shawmont Roaring Lions, Team ABC, Ravens
I completely understand your problems. The lunch at this school is not the best either. If you stick to what you’re doing you’ll do great!
10/19/17 · Assignment:
Cameron Esbensen · Minerva, Team Athena
Very nice job

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