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The Wolves

About Us

EMMANUELLE wants to play for a football team he is really good at football and he is also funny too.  Braxton is the best at basketball. He also likes to play football, but isn’t good at it. And i that Braxton should play for a basketball team.  Taahir plays football he is the best in the class at it  he also plays basketball second best  at it Taahir is also funny 2nd class clown in our class.    Jose is the one with the curliest hair in the class taahir is a sneaker head and he is funny AKA the class clown. And also me and Taahir love to play video games we both play ps4 that’s probably something that we all enjoy and we all love candy AKA jose is the class clown.

Our Progress


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

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