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About Us

Zion is the one who loves learning about history, music, and knows multiple languages.
Leah is the one who loves cooking, smart, scientific, and plays the fiddle. What makes our group different is the fact that we both have different unique talents that will help us get into a very good colleges, which will lead to us have a very successful jobs in the future. We both have different talents that make our team unique and special with the exception of one of us liking our homework for math and the other doesn’t really like much, but we work together and make a great team. What we have in common is we both like to eat, sleep, watch T.V, and do our homework, and we always try and get it done on time and completely finished.

Recent comments on our work:

11/14/17 · Assignment:
Madison · W.H.O C.A.R.E.S
were all on the team
11/14/17 · Assignment:
Madison · W.H.O C.A.R.E.S
you are forgetting a few names (madison,jonathan,hakim)
11/8/17 · Assignment:
Joshua Delp · Five Tails, Black Eagles, The Flash, The Wolves, W.H.O C.A.R.E.S, Penn Treaty 721_6, Take, The Nizzy's, Y.D.M.T., Savage Gang, Team Elmo, The Evans
You guys sure are so unique and creative! I wish you had taken the time to tell us about the last two members of your team!

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