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My team name is the the Evans My name is brian stevenson Team mates are Evan, Gabriel, Damier Tarver, and Brian Stevenson Ph 1: Gabriel is nice kind and a great friend to have. Evan is a good friend that I have. And he was my first friend to have. Damier is a fun playful friend to have and he is a very kind and nice friend. And all of them are my best friends to have of all time. Hi my name is Gabriel Morales one thing are group has in common is that we were all in the same class before.Also we are all friends and we all like to play sports like basketball and football. Also we all like pizza, chinese food, mc donalds. Also I like to watch football my favorite team is the Eagles. Also favorite basketball team are the cavalier. Hi my name is DAMIER TARVER and i like football because they have and have helmets. My favorite team is the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS. They have some of the best players in the NFL today! I love the SEAHAWKS colors blue is my favorite color. My favorite player on the SEAHAWKS is Richard Sherman. I like him because he went to the super bowl all lot of times, And i cornerbacks. The most INT he had was 32 but he's getting more every game the hs 395 yards. Even though he is injury he's still the best player on the NFL to me. Richard Sherman was born Mar 30.That's why i love the seahawks. My team name is the Evans Hey i’m Evan Doheny and I like pizza,rice ,chicken. And my friends are so nice to me. Gabriel is a nice and cool he's my best friend. Brian likes to play football and he's a nice kid. Damier likes to play basketball and he's corny. And they are my friends in my school.

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