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Five Tails

About Us

Hi we are team “Five Tails”, we got our name from a fox named Kurama who is a nine tail beast fox. Kellen is 1, he like’s music and do dance to it he is brave and also confident he also helps the group to help us understand the question. Angel is 2, he is smart and a fast thinking, he is pretty smart but when it comes to a problem we can’t get to he has a solution and sometimes his brain is fast enough to slow his mouth and he helps us a lot. Osbanny is 3, he is from Domincan and he wants to have fun playing basketball, he is the one asks the questions but the ones that we need to answer to keep getting clues to answer the questions and he also writes for most of the time then Angel. Jeremy is 4, he lived in Puerto Rico and he lived through Hurricane Maria and he is also fast and he likes pizza. Jeremy is really helpful by getting our idea of what we should do for what we do. Mark is 5, he stands for strength and durability he likes milk, shoes etc let’s just say everyone needs a friend like mark he basically is our body considering how strong he is. But he isn just a bodyguard he is also our friend and is very funny he helps us by knowing what to do.

Our Progress


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

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