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Team Athena

About Us

Hi. We are Team Athena.  Our team members are Jadyn, 8th grade, Cameron, 7th grade, Sidney, 7th grade, and Jared, 7th grade.  We are a group of optimistic and intelligent individuals.  Some of the things we want to be when we are older are a Marine Biologist, a Video Game Designer, and a Doctor.  We enjoy creating things with simple materials such as rubber bands, chopsticks, and pipe cleaners.

Recent comments on our work:

1/19/18 · Assignment:
Charmaine Brown · The Free Thinkers, Dynamic Developers
hey this is good work,we also been having a trash problem we give you the squeaky clean award !!

Our Progress


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

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