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Team Tigers

About Us

Hello! We are a Design Thinking Team from Tilden Middle School. "Work hard, help other team members, and always try to do your best! Our team members are "bold Brionna, creative Khail, savvy Saviyon, clever Khyree and magnanimous Mekhi." We believe it takes hard work and team work to make the dream work.

Recent comments on our work:

1/22/18 · Assignment:
Branlin Nunez-Torres · The Helping Hands
My team and I love the creativity and how you guys used objects to express yourselves and your idea. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!
1/22/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
You get the Persistence award. It looks like you keep working hard at this. We kept running into problems too. sometimes students would act up and our teacher would call us back to class. We have a move up day for our 8th graders as motivation. Maybe find something that helps at your school with the 8th graders to help them be motivated. We like your idea. Kepp it up!!!
1/23/18 · Assignment:
Edward Blake · Los Platanos
Los platanos here ! We like your idea of bringing onto the trash bins, keep up the good work.. we came up with the badge name of Arts and Stripes for you guys. let us know how it goes , cheers !
1/19/18 · Assignment:
Charmaine Brown · The Free Thinkers, Dynamic Developers
my team loves this ! keep it up we give you the green award
1/18/18 · Assignment:
Rashay Saunders · Mighty Morphin Power Designers
great job

Our Progress

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Sep 28
Thank you for sharing all of these great photos! We're excited to see you taking the next steps and can't wait to hear more. Let us know if we can help.


Well, ok, none yet. But we're working hard to earn our first!

Explorer Badge

Way to take it to the next level!  Keep the collaboration going!