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Our group TropicalZZZ consists of:  Amina, Sanaa, and Aaron. We all attend Grover Washington Jr. Middle School. We are called TropicalZZZ because each one of us are mixed with something different. -A.W is Guyanese and Malian -S.F is Peurto Rican -A.G is half Cuban

Recent comments on our work:

1/22/18 · Assignment:
Jamar Harris · Dynamic Developers
We had a hard time with this too. We all wanted to put our stickies on the best. no one wanted to be in the good, even though good is good. it is not bad. We are giving you the Honesty Award for being honest with your research!! Good Luck!
1/9/18 · Assignment:
Khyle Thompson · Shawmont Roaring Lions, Team ABC, Ravens
I’m very sorry for the conditions at your school. I’m sure your team will do awesome at fixing your problems. Keep up the good work!

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