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Stage:Project Start-Up
Assignment: Wonderful World of Design

If you have a few moments, take a spin around the wide world of design with this video:  To earn a design superhero card for completing this activity, put on your thinking caps and, as a team, come up with your own examples (include pictures, if you like!) of industrial design (things), interior design (places), system design (processes) and experience design (interactions).  Chances are, your DT Philly project will fall into one of these categories.


All Teams

Our team really enjoyed the video. We took some time to talk about examples we wanted to share.

Industrial design: Shoes - Michael has some shoes that he thinks make him run faster and jump higher.
Interior design: Dunkin Donuts restaurants - These all have the same kind of feel--cool and fun with lots of orange and brown.
System design: The library - One of the first things we learned in school was the system of being able to search for and borrow a book from the library. This system allows us to read any book we want for free!
Experience design: YouTube - We like watching videos online (especially videos of puppies doing silly things) and YouTube makes it easy to search for and find videos.