DT Philly engages students in fun and authentic learning around a topic that matters to them.  In using a design framework to take a project from essential question to abstract idea to real-life implementation, students discover they have the power and the tools to make changes in the world around them.

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This is the best kept secret in Philly…DT Philly gives students a chance to really think.


12th Grader

You’re preparing my curriculum for me. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of enrichment and preparing the students for open-ended questions.


This truly transcends the everyday school experience.


Design thinking is the best thing I did in school. 

5th Grader

What is DT Philly?

DT Philly is a program teachers use to help students develop as critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.  Throughout DT Philly students have moments of excitement and discovery as well as opportunities for growth, as they seek to understand root causes and find new ways of looking at a problem, as they grapple with project management and team dynamics, and as they work to craft a solution that is desirable and feasible. 

The Stages of Design Thinking