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Fun Stuff

Your project work for DT Philly is broken down into deliverables, achievements, and inspiration activities.

You earn puzzle pieces for deliverables, which are basic, required activities that guide your team through the design process.  The puzzle, which serves as a visual progress bar for your project, will display on your team page.  We'll also mail you physical pieces as you earn them.

Inspiration activities are optional activities that are quick and fun to do and prepare you for the upcoming stage of your design work.  Each time you complete an inspiration activity, you earn a superhero cards which will be mailed to your team.  

Achievements are optional activities that challenge you to go one step further in your design work.  When you complete an achievement, you receive a badge which will be displayed on your team page.  You’ll also get the design story that inspired each of these badges and learn how they relate to the current stage of your design work.