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DT Philly High School 2018-19 Leaderboard

The Dreamchasers
Building 21 Philadelphia
The Dreamchasers come from Building 21 High School located in uptown in Philadelphia.  We are a group of individuals--intelligent students that like to have fun.  Also, we are all different in our own way.  For example, Tayon likes to cook and socialize; Lissett likes to do hair (braid); Sadie likes fashion design; Zakiyah is a sneakerhead; Isaiah likes to play basketball and he also likes to play video games.  Even though we are all chasing different dreams, we get along and work well together as a team.
Aquaponics Squad
Abraham Lincoln High School
We're the Aquaponics Squad, a group of passionate and hard-working girls who work well with each other. We want to make a difference, and we strive towards improving ourselves every day.
The Care Givers
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are "The Care Givers" from Abraham Lincoln. We are a group of seniors in the health academy, that are interested in helping people, and love making changes in our neighborhood and society. We are intelligent, athletic, joyous, and most importantly Caring. :)
Goofy Goobers
Building 21 Philadelphia
We are a weird kind of group that will mess around most of the time but when we want to we get to work. We got the artist, the chill guy, chill girl, the writer, the sassy girl, and the weird girl (who is typing this). We got 3 boys and 3 girls so in total 6 people. We are the types of people to not hang around each other, so its gonna be hard for us to collaborate. But with communication and understanding we'll get to the point of a great team and great teammates.
New Foundations Charter
New Foundations Charter School
New Foundation Charter School’s Compete 360 team really takes NFCS’s motto of being a “Caring Community of Learners” to heart. We want to put an emphasis on respect for each other’s ideas, staying organized, keeping high expectations for each other, winning, and fulfilling the needs of our school body as well as teachers, aides, and other staff members. Although this is our first year competing in Compete 360, we have expectations of turning in assignments on time, involving our school in our project, and being competitive with other more experienced teams.
Ben's Electrons
Benjamin Franklin High School
Ben's Electrons are from Benjamin Franklin High School's (BFHS) Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) Class. We are a group of eight students, Mecca, LaShae, Zahirah, Randi, Nasir, Myzay, Tionn, and Fernando. Fernando likes Video Games and hopes to someday bring his designs to user's screens. Tionn enjoys drawing, especially comic book and cartoon characters and hopes to use the Autodesk Maya software package this year. Nasir likes doing things progressive, striving for higher education, working on his personal fitness, and making that money. Randi enjoys helping others, and exhibits those values through her work at a Daycare Center. Randi plays for the Volleyball Team. LaShae likes hanging out with her friends, and grabbing a slice of pizza pie. She values the friendships she has build with others. Myzay spends his free time playing interactive sports-themed video games, against friends via WiFi. Zahirah enjoys a good book, babysitting the children of family, friends and neighbors, and helps her grandmother with her errands. Zahirah is going to play for our Girls' Basketball team. Mecca works at Burger King, but is actively pursuing other opportunities. She enjoys music, and is on the Cheerleading Squad.
The Blossoms
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a group of twelfth graders, we are students in the Health Related Technology Program at Abraham Lincoln High School in Philadelphia for three years. We've known each other very well and share a lot of the same values. As a group, we have chosen to do a project that will have a lasting impact. My name is Amy I am a hard worker I also enjoy doing hands-on things. My name is Brianna I am a determined person, a great listener, and an independent person. My name is Isses i'm very opinionated, outgoing person, also very passionate and will stand up for things I feel strongly about. My name is Genessy i'm a great listener, I'm a very trustworthy and a non-judgmental person. My name is Madison I am a outgoing person, very determined to be successful in life, I'm also very organized.
The Future
Cheltenham High School
We are the Future, we a group located in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. We are group of motivated and intelligent high school students who are looking forward to making a change in our community. We also like to have fun, like playing sports and listening to music. Zahmier enjoys playing Football, Chris likes running track, Frank enjoys wrestling and playing on the varsity football team, and Caitryn likes to run track and play soccer. Ian likes to play football, the other Chris finds entertainment in watching football, and Jason loves to live life and have fun. Although we all aspire to do different things with our lives, and have different hobbies, we work well together and come up with some great ideas!
Young Visionaries
Cheltenham High School
Welcome! We are the Young Visionaries from Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. As young visionaries our group's goal is to come together to create a more comfortable learning environment for our students. Each of us have different visions that will collectively come together and benefit our school. Phil is a varsity athlete at our school and is a social person with many associates. Jaila is a dancing queen that enjoys creating dances. Jalin  is a creative student. Dinah is a smart student that likes hanging out with her friends. Madison is a student-athlete that loves her dog. Cameron is a basketball player that likes collecting sneakers. Bria is a track-star who loves to listen to all genres of music. While we all have different interests, we will come together to see that our vision becomes a reality.
Black Scholars
Cheltenham High School
The Black Scholars are from Cheltenham High School located in Wyncote, PA. We are a diverse group of individuals that are all heading towards the same goals. We all excel at something, for example Gabby is good at dancing and shopping; Jarod is a people person; Kaziah is a pro at dancing and taking pictures; Faakhirah is an excellent writer and reading characters; Zach is good at writing poetry; Jayda is good at communicating and public speaking, and Robert is good at designing and problem solving. Although we’re all good at different things, we all work well and efficiently together as a team.
7 Keys to Success
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a group of sophomores in the Sports Marketing CTE class.  Individually we are smart, athletic, happy, fun, funny, leaders, DECA. Together we are a MEGA powerhouse ready to take on DESIGN projects. We are READY for IT.