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DT Philly High School 2019-20 Leaderboard

Goal Diggers
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a fun group of students who are trying to achieve their goals for this year, whether it's school or personal life we will be achieving our goals.
The Future Thinkers
Abraham Lincoln High School
Hello we are The Future Thinkers. Our goal is to innovate design by thinking outside of the box. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity are essential components of what The Future Thinkers represent. As we move toward the future we hope to become master thinkers as this will allow us to be a positive influence in communities locally and globally.
Team Elite
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a team of four, known as Team Elite, named after our dedication to influence people on topics that are far more important than we think as a society. One topic we want to emphasize and spread awareness for is mental health. We hope that we can achieve our goals by working together as a team.
Code Black
Abraham Lincoln High School
We're Six juniors ready for success!   Something that the world needs that hasn't been created is a cure to pain and suffering or some of the obvious afflictions like mental health and kindness.  We are awesome because we are all differnet but can work together for the greater good!  
We Mean Green
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are looking to stop all type of pollution in the environment/community or at least maintain it because their isn't enough people trying to stop all the bad air and all the trash thrown around on the streets or in people neighborhoods.
The Linc 2K20
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are "The Linc2k20", a small group of dedicated seniors eager to graduate from Abraham Lincoln High School. Our plan is to make an impact on our school and to make a difference for future attending students.
The Marketing Maniacs
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a group of seniors who have been in this marketing class for three years now. Karl is the funny one who works at Walmart, Anaya loves to cook, Maleeha does not work, Star is the creative one, Tyler is the smart one, and Zakariya works at his dad's Pizza shop.
Clout Thinkers
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Our team, The Clout Thinkers are a team full of high school students that are determined to make changes to the school community. The questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis: What is the problem with humanity today? What could we change? What are issues in life that should be brought to our attention for us to focus on designing a solution for? This allows us to think of making life better, improvements are always an option. Solution Makers. Clout Thinkers . Dream Chasers.
Team 6 Figures
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Hello! We are Team 6 Figures. We are working to create an Essential living and management skills program at SLA @ Beeber! Many students coming out of high school don’t have the knowledge of basic responsibilities such as money management, how to apply for a job, insurance & credit and home ed. Together as a team, we strive to complete these goals.
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
The Golden Quintet
Abraham Lincoln High School
We call ourselves “The Golden Quintet”. Our names are Areej, Elton, Valentina, Rosanny and Jenevieve. Our project is about teen pregnancies and helping them through it. This is a very important topic because many teens in our generation get pregnant without having the resources they need. We are not sure how we are going to do this but we have ideas and we are eager to learn in the DT Philly process...
Fantastic Five
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Our group the Fantastic Five is a group of fun students in their junior and senior year. A group of friends who enjoy working together and having a good time. Together we come up with creative ideas. It may take a while but once it is done, it is always amazing. This will be a great experience together. We can't wait to continue creating things together and being on this creative journey together. The Fantastic Five is sadly now the Fantastic Four. Our beloved member Niyana has left us mid project.
Team Diverse
Abraham Lincoln High School
We are a group of high school seniors that wants to change the world through our own vision. Our team is made up of 7 different ethics. We have an Asian (Bing), African (Faith), a Caucasian (Jarrett), a Haitian (Adley), a Native American (Jaylen), an African American (James), and a Jamaican ( Jayan). That's why we are called Team Diverse. Take a look at our intro video:
21 Pandas
Building 21 Philadelphia
The Underdogs
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber   We want to make a change in our school community.  We will be finding solutions to help our "system design failures" such as creating useful resources for students at Science Leadership Academy.  We have many designs that we can fix through these failures. Instead of fixing a problem the system just puts a bandage over it while we need a whole surgery done.  We will take a step to make a better place with our great Ideas.
Take 5
Abraham Lincoln High School
The Take 5, that's us (because we are all about that action)!  Lately, we are concerned about the increase in litter around our community. There are not enough trash cans, especially around school zones. We want to decrease the amount of trash on the streets and encourage everyone to do so as well.