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DT Philly Middle School 2018-19 Leaderboard

Team Tigers
Tilden Middle School
We are “Team Tigers” and we are here to create and design! Our team members are: Jumpstart James, Creative Khalil, Maker Mike, Awesome Amir, Marvelous Mike, Saavy Saviyon, Super-Size Steven, and Clever Khyree. We love the challenges and activities we get in the Design Thinking competition every year! As Team Tigers, we also love the mission of defining problems and designing solutions. Our motto is: It Takes Teamwork To Make The Dream Work!!!
The Futures
William C. Longstreth School
Hi there. We are ... The Futures. We are a team of 8th Graders at William C. Longstreth School: Tatiana, Fahtama, Fahim, Phil, Khalil, Icyss, Shanice and Aniyah. Many of us have been at our school since kindergarten and want a chance to help before we leave for 9th grade. We hope to find a solution to a problem to help as many people as possible. We are ... The Futures
Southern Middle School
We are the Four-T-Knights from Southern Middle School in Reading, PA. The four members of the team are in 7th grade and have Mr Reinhard for math class. Our team likes playing video games and eating Takiis.
Red Knights
Southern Middle School
We are five students from Southern Middle School in Reading, PA. Our team has four 7th graders and one 6th grader. Our team loves sports and food!!!!
Team Thunder
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Hi, My Team name is Team Thunder. My name is Huy, i like to be active and play sport like basketball or football. My name is Ajayo and i like to draw and eat. My name is Evan and i like to read manga. My name is Daniel jones i like to eat ramen also i like to watch anime my favorite anime is Naruto and Dragon ball z also Sao. Me and My Team are ambitious and want to win the Number 1 Prize.  
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team name is NASA. NASA means Nikyah, Anisa, Scarlet, Anayeli (our names). We are all in the 8th grade. Nikyah loves candy, Anisa is dramatic (what people say), Scarlet gets distracted a lot, and Anayeli makes edits.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team name is the Monstars.  We are a very strict team that dosent play around, gets straight to the point, and lovea to compete.  Our team members are Al-amin, Waki, Jazmyne, and Zakiah.
Little Einsteins
Shawmont School
Hi we’re team Little Einsteins and here is some fun facts about our team. Hello, my name is Cierra and I love being creative and playing softball. Hey, my name is Mariah and I love puppies and going on adventures. Hi, my name is Shayan and love comic books and playing Fortnite. Hello, my name is Payton I like to play video games and my favorite subject is math. And lastly, my name is Joshua and I love football and baseball. Our team hopes that you enjoyed a little bit about us!
The Greek Gods
Shawmont School
Hi, we are The Greek Gods, team GG, containing 5 members:  Kamauri, Darren, Joann, Paul, and Isaiah.   Kamauri likes to sing and dnage during his free time.  Joanne likes to play Fortnite.  Darren likes to play video games and is good at technology and art.  Paul likes basketball, and Isaiah likes to play basketball too.
The Ballers
Shawmont School
Hi we are The Ballers from Shawmont School. Kevin likes to play games and type a lot. My name is Joey and I love to play ¨The division.¨ I'ḿ Santana and I like to play basketball and play video games. My name is Jerry and I like to watch videos. Hi, I'm Kylee and I'm the only girl in the group and I like Netflix.
Shawmont School
Hi we are SGAA. My name is Shane, I like to play fortnite on playstation. My name is Gracie, I like to go outside and play with my friends. My name is Angie. I liked to play baseball and go outside. My name is Alayna and I like to play softball and also go outside with my friends. I am Jacob, I like to play video games and bike outside with my friends.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
N.O stands for Not Official.  Our teammates are Jasmine, Justin, Malik, and Leakena.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team is called Delavietie. It is a mash up of all our names. Denise, Alanna, Viet-My and Katie. We are all 8th graders.  My name is Denise, I play lacrosse, Im a straight A's student, and I love traveling with my family and friends. My name is Alanna, I play lacrosse and I love food. My name is Katie and I love chocolate. My name is Viet-My, I love bacon and I am also a straight A's student. Our team, Delavietie, is ambitious and determined to win the Number 1 prize.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
We're the Quad Squad, and there are four of us....we are Tamara, Jayla, Khalid, and Annabelle.
Triple Threat
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
The Blue Bongos
Shawmont School
My name is Luciano and one of my favorite things to do is type and search about planets, and I love to do astronomy. Hi I'm Marley. I love to be with my family and love to do my makeup and love putting my hair in a pony tail.  My name's Tarell and I like to play video games with my friends.
Shawmont School
Hi, we are the JJRK group. My name is Jayla and I like to draw. My name is Rayne and I like to play tennis. My name is Kyree and I like to danece. My name is Jamesia and I like to solve math equations.
Shawmont School
Shawmont School
We are PAJAL, hi my name is patrick i like to draw and sleep. Hi i am Ariel i watch tv and eat. lastly i am arianna i like to eat and watch youtube.
The Arks
John Welsh Elementary School
We have the brains for building ideas.  We never take mean comments to heart.  We love cracking jokes, and we have lots of passion for our projects.
The Dreamcatchers
Shawmont School
We are The Dreamcatchers and ours names are Mahaylah, Skylar, Cade, and Kamryn. We're going to each tell you our favorite things to do. My name is Mahaylah and my favorite thing to do is play sports such as kickball and soccer.  My name is Skylar and my favorite thing to do in design / draw clothes . My name is Cade and my favorite thing to do is draw . My name is Kamryn and my favorite things to do are play the violin and dance. My name is Lawrence and my favorite thing to do is ride my dirt bike.
Dynamic Dynamite Diva’s
Shawmont School
Hi. we are the Dynamic Dynamite Divas.  Our team consists of five people Moira, Aaron, Tamika, Sana, and Natalya. Moira likes to cook with her mom, and dance in her free time. Aaron likes to draw and listen to music. Tamika likes to hang out with her little brother. Natalya likes to hangout with her friends at target. Sana,like to eat and dance.
The Cheetahs
Shawmont School
Hi, we’re the Cheetahs! We are group of determined learners, and we hope that we can become good designers to help solve problems. On this team there are 5 of us. There is Liam, Nyla, Destiny, Nathen, and Joey. I’m Joey and I like Nintendo, video games, and having fun with my friends. Hey I’m Nyla and I like anime, social media, and hanging with my friends! I’m Liam and I have interests in drawing, robotics, computer programming, and video games. Hello I’m Nathen and I like to play fortnite and hang with my friend Joey. I’m Destiny and I’m the last member of the Cheetahs. I enjoy hanging around with my friends, talking with them, and posting things on social media. We’re the Cheetahs, and we’re going to outrun the competition.