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DT Philly Middle School 2019-20 Leaderboard

Stranger Things
William C. Longstreth School
Hello, we are Stranger Things. Our names are Destini, Sanai, Nahjee, Sara, Maneerah, Star, Marquis, and Parris.  What makes our team awesome is that we are aliens.  Our motto is "We're all a stranger thing but together we're stranger things!  #Save the polar bears. We also have a secret handshake.  We are not really aliens. We are 7th and 8th graders from William C. Longstreth School. We think a lot about the world. We think a lot about our school. We think a lot about our community.  The world needs people to look up. We like our phones but everyone is looking down at them.  We need to look up more. 
The Unknowns
Shawmont School
Hi, we are the Unknowns we are so excited to be apart of DT Philly and make the world a better place. The members of our group are Daylin, Nicole, Brooke, Ariel, and Anaje. My name is Daylin and I dance. My name is Nicole and I like to play sports, hangout with my friends, and cook with my dad. My name is Anaje and I like to watch tv, eat and sleep. My name is Ariel I like Volleyball. Outside of school I like to watch Netflix. My name is Brooke and I like to play softball.
Puzzle Fuzzle
Shawmont School
Hi! My name is Eva. I like Netflix, my cat, and Melanie Martinez. My favorite colors are green and pink. My name is Gabriella and I like anime, art, Netflix, Hulu, and metallica. My favorite color is blue.  My name is Josephine and I like my cat, my dog, and my guinea pigs. My favorite colors are teal and lilac. My name is Reilly and I love unicorns, sleep, and food. My favorite color is pink. We are excited to participate in Dt Philly. It will be a great learning experience.
Busy Bees
Shawmont School
Hi my name is Gianna and I am a triplet. Hi my name is Nevaeh and I'm the youngest on my dad's side and the oldest on my mom's side. Hi my name is Aiera and I am a dancer. Hi my name is Kaylee and I have 6 siblings. Hi my name is Beverly and I'm the youngest out of all me of my siblings and they live in New York. Check out our video:
Bob the Builders
Shawmont School
Hello this is Nyjay, Khyon, Kaden, Judah, Channing, and Siyani. We are part of the group called Bob the Builders. So a few things about us is Khyon, Kaden, and Nyjay like basketball. Channing is well Channing and Siyani is basically Rachel redacted we don't know much about her. This is just something short we did so yeah… YEET. Check out our video:
Lightning Bolts
Shawmont School
My name is Tessa. I like photography, fashion, and I love to do art. Hi, my name Sung-il and I like music, games, and composing. Hi, my name is Skylar and I like drawing, designing clothes, and dirt biking. My name Jahadd and I like basketball, girls, and mac and cheese. Hi, my name is Erica and I like acting, softball, math, and writing.  
The Goddesses
Shawmont School
Hi, we are the Goddesses, our names are Roryanne, Naima, Farrah, Myla, and Veronica. My name is Myla and I like to watch football. My name is Veronica and I play volleyball. My name is Farrah and I like to help people and run track. My name is Roryanne and I like to play with my dog. My name is Naima and I like to hang out with my friends.
Life Savers
Shawmont School
Hi we are the team Life Savers! We go to Shawmont Elementary school! My name is Makayla and I spend my free time running my own bow company on Instagram! My name is Jordyn on my free time I like playing sports! hi my name is Nylah on my free time I like to watch tv. Hi my name is Luna I like food, sleep, and help others!
Team Jonael
Southern Middle School
We are 5 females from Southern Middle School in Reading, PA. Most of us have known our advisor Mr. Reinhard for 2 years as our math teacher. Our school is the only team participating from outside of Philly because Mr. Reinhard used to teach in Philly at Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School and participated in the Design Thinking program there too. Our team name is named after a male friend who just moved from our school. Shilua is the only person who was on a team last year and was on the team that won 2nd place for designing rail guards to stop students from sliding on handrails and destroying them. She describes herself as 'loud'. Trinity describes herself as ‘artsy’ and Alesihany used the word ‘fun’. Rosa thought the word ‘quiet’ is a good word for her, while Magdali said she’s a 'fan of BTS'. Mr. Reinhard is sometimes funny. We are all part of this program because we want to make our school a better place.
Tech Squad
Shawmont School
Hi, we're the tech squad and we all love technology and we would like to improve the technology in the school. Hi my name is Ben and I like to play football and I like to watch football. Hi my name is Tajonn and I like to play Fortnite at home. Hi my name is Richard and I like to play football with friends. Hi my name is Darrell and I like to play video games and use technology with my phone. Check out our video:
Cup of Noodles
Shawmont School
Hi, we are the "Cup o' Noodles". Hi I'm Gabe I like playing video games and I can POP my shoulder blade out of my back. Hi I'm John, I'm nothing really I just do the typing in this group. Hi i'm Ryan and I like to play video games, epsecially minecraft. Hi my name is Ja'Quinn and my favorite hobby is to play my video games on my PS4. Hi i'm Tyjay and I like to play football and I like to go to a lot of football games, I eat, sleep, and play GTA online.
The Twinkle Stars
Shawmont School
We are The Twinkle Stars and we wanna help the world and the people in this group are, Khari, Cole, Liam, and Naeem. Hi I'm Khari and I like to play Fortnite, and eat food, hi I'm Cole and I play ice hockey, and I like to play basketball, Hi I'm Liam and I like to sing. Hi, I'm Naeem and I like to play on my Nintendo Switch.
Unique People
Shawmont School
Hi we are the Unique People. I am Jacob I like playing video games and drawing and I want to become a YouTuber. I am Chris I like playing basketball ball and playing 2k20. I am thali I like to swim and play video games. I am Josh I like art and Minecraft.
General Louis Wagner Middle School
Hi guys! Our names are Jamesia, Ervin, Xavien, Limear, Tiana, Ciani, and Lakayla.  We all go to Wagner Middle School.  We love to learn!  With this website we are sure we will learn a lot.  We love what we have been doing so far!
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Hey what's up guys if anyone is reading this we're dope. Our team name is Dope and this is our first year in DT. The members in our group are Jaye, Madison, Drew, Philip, Imani and were all in the 6th grade.
Avengers Assemble
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Mark the team leader likes to play hockey and play video games. Bj likes to play football and so does Dallas. Sam and Drew like memes and drawing. Ethan likes to play sports and video games. Also, we are all super funny.
The "Normal" People
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Our team name is The "Normal" People and we like to get our work done. We work as if our life depends on it and we came here to win.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
We are 4 girls in 8th grade, all intelligent and fun to be around. We are Destiny, Tizaya, Julia and Chyna... We all like Pink and Victoria Secret stuff.
Fashion Divas
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Hi, my name is Iesha my favorite color is purple and my hobby is to dance. My name is Morgan and my favorite color is blue and I am a contortionist. My name is Zorah and my favorite color is Pink and I like playing lacrosse. My name is Courtnee and my favorite color is baby blue. My name is Payton and my favorite color is red and I like to draw.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team is SMMS, Semaj, Micah, Michael, and Sincere. We all are 8th graders that have Ms. Griffith for computers. The name is the first letter of all our names. We all like video games.
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team is called F.N. We are Jaylin, Thomas, and Luis. We are all 8th graders who are in the same class at Grover Washington Junior Middle School.
Mean Girls
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Hi, my name is Tamar. I like documentaries and like to have fun. Hi, my name is Arayah. I like to jump rope. Hi, my name is Serenity. I like to do volleyball and sometimes basketball. Hi, my name is Jadaesiah. I like to playing lacrosse. Hi, my name is Faith. I like to play basketball. Hi, my name is Miasha. I like to box. See our intro video here
Future Kings & Queens
Science Leadership Academy at Beeber
Our teams consist of 3 boys and 4 girls that are very smart and in 6th grade. Our names are Lailah, Iman, Mikayla, Raheem, Satchel, Jaden. We like to listen to music, play football, play video games, look pretty, sleep, and cheer. We still like to get our work done on time. We are happy to be in DT and learn new things. Check out our intro video at!
Team Playstation
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
My name is Carnell. I play basketball. I play 2k. My name is Tyler. I like playing video games. Also I like playing football. My name is Aaron. I like playing video games. Also I like playing Basketball.  Members of Team Playstation are Aaron, Esai, Tyler, and Carnell. See our intro video here
Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School
Our team is TWBK. We are Terrell, Shanya, Soriya, Alex and Mekhi. Three boys and two girls, 8th graders at Grover Washington Jr.
Komodo Dragons
Shawmont School
We are the Komodo Dragons. We are very intelligent people with our own separate opinions. We have a total of 4 people in this group, Jacob, Ethan, Jeremiah, Frank. Check out our video:
The Chaos 7
General Louis Wagner Middle School
Our team consists of 7th and 8th graders, some of our favorite subjects are math and science. We would like to try and build a robot, but if we don't I'm sure our project will still win. We are really excited to be participating in DT Philly!