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The Disston Dreamers

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Disston Dreamers, a design team of six students, is moving full steam ahead on their DT Philly project and earned "Team of the Month" honors for their timely and thoughtful work!  These enthusiastic 6th graders are tackling the problem of book bag storage in their classrooms.  At Hamilton Disston School, a K-8 school in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, the students must carry their book bags around with them to all of their classes.  The school does have lockers, but many are broken, filled with trash, and there aren’t enough for each student to have their own.  This results in book bags cluttering classroom aisles and students experiencing back pain by the end of the day.

Have no fear, the Disston Dreamers design team is working to solve this problem, beginning with their design challenge statement: How might we find adequate storage for book bags and coats in the classroom for students in order to eliminate carrying heavy book bags and reduce clutter?

During Ms. Hundley's (their teacher) prep period, the team meets with her to work on their DT Philly project. They most enjoy learning by doing the hands-on activities provided in the DT Philly kit, to try things out and interact with design around them.  Right now, the team is preparing to research their problem.  Do you want to help?  They’d like to know how students store and move (or access) their belongings thorughout the day at other schools.  What do students in your school do to manage book bags and belongings?  Tell us at or post a comment to Disston on their Brain Dump & Exploration Plan deliverable.