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In Their Shoes

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Students try everyday activities while wearing vision-impairing goggles.

There's nothing like taking a walk in someone else's shoes to develop empathy!  The Little Einsteins from the Laura H. Carnell School opened up their empathy kit today and donned the special goggles we included to see how everyday activities become more difficult for people with impaired vision.  Here's some of what they had to say:  

"This activity was hard but fun. I learned how people with poor vision deal with everyday basic life skills. It made me feel upset for the people who can't see as well as I do." 

"It was sweet and awesome, swawesome, because the experience of walking up the stairs and washing my hands helped me see how others with poor vision may handle those situations."

"At first the tasks came off pretty easy for me, until after washing my hands I had to reach for the paper towel and figure out how to twist the nozzle. It made me realize how hard small tasks may be for people with poor vision." Seana

"This experience was a blurry blah. I call it that because it was very blurry while reading the instructions. It made me feel empathetic towards people with impaired vision because I realized how hard small tasks are for them." Paolo