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"Design thinking is a fun, important experience for students." -Fahim

Friday, April 12, 2019

We asked students to tell us about their experience with Design Thinking Philadelphia, what they learned about design thinking, and what advice they'd have for other students doing a design thinking project.  Some stuck to explaining the nuts and bolts of the process and how it can be used to solve problems creatively while others shared more personal thoughts about this opportunity their teachers brought them ("the best thing I did in school," "amazing, helpful, it brought us happiness," "very important to me," "a great way to improve your creative mind," "challenging but fun," "a great program; I want to come back," etc.).  As part of their feedback, we asked students to complete the following sentences reflecting on their participation in DT Philly:

   "I like..."
   "I wish..."
   "What if...?

Responses ran the gamut, but different themes emerged.  Here's what the students had to say about their experiences this year: