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An Inspiring End to a Great Project!

Friday, July 28, 2017

In need of a little inspiration?  Look no further than this impressive project undertaken by the Free Thinkers design team at  William C. Longstreth School.  Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr. Rocco, this team of 8th graders explored the reasons students are uncomfortable at their desks and the resulting behavior (tilting desks and chairs, fidgeting, finding excuses to get up, etc.).  Using their research to jumpstart their brainstorming, the team came up with 40 ideas about how to make their classmates more comfortable and increase students' productivity.   We were impressed by the team's creativity and commitment to their project, which led them to develop six different protoypes of potential solutuions!   After testing their prototypes with fellow students and consulting with Eric Schneider, an industrial designer and Philadelphia University faculty member who volunteers with DT Philly, the team decided to pursue their standing desk prototype.  Based on the feedback they received, the students refined their original prototype and added features that increased the desk's functionality as a student workstation.  A local furniture maker was recruited to help bring the team's vision to life, and the results are amazing!