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It's Time to Sign Up for DT Philly!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

This year's 3D puzzle for high school and middle school!

What’s all the buzz about design thinking in education?  Find out with DT Philly--a program that introduces students and teachers to design thinking by guiding them through a project that interests them.  

DT Philly is used by teachers in all grade levels and disciplines, and with students of all abilities.  The program’s structure is flexible—it can be incorporated into class or run as an extracurricular, with students working in teams facilitated by a teacher.  By providing teachers with training, materials, resources, and ongoing feedback and assistance, Compete 360 creates a supportive structure for using design thinking in school.  

DT Philly is not just for teachers who are brand new to design thinking and similar ways of working.  Participating in DT Philly also brings teachers and students into a community of peers from whom they can learn and with whom they can find inspiration; it gives them access to special events such as our Designers-in-Schools week; and it makes them eligible to participate in our annual Design Showcase where projects are reviewed by industry professionals, and students have the opportunity to win grants to further their project work. 

There are just a few weeks left to register for our 2018-19 programs, which begin with teacher training on September 15 and culminate in early February with the DT Philly Showcase.  To join the fun, register here by August 25!  More information is available throughtout the website and in this program overview.