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10/27/19 · Assignment: Getting to Know You
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About Us

Our team name is Blue Inferno. We are a group of 5th grade boys that work hard and love sports. We are learning more and more about design thinking and working as a team. 


Design Thinker

An intrepid explorer equiped with the skills and tools to conquer challenges large or small. 

Project Start-up: Preuschoft Badge

Congratulations on your teamwork and creative problem-solving!  Thinking outside the box helps designers find unique ways to address all kinds of problems, which is what scientist Signe Preuschoft did when she designed the Orangutan Jungle School in Borneo.  Recognizing the damage that humans were doing to this endangered species, she set out to rescue orphaned orangutans and teach them to survive in the wild.  The school “orangutizes” the humans who care for the young primates in order to teach them, in a more natural way, the skills they need to graduate and live on their own in the jungle.


A preceptive observer and thoughtful listener, adept at understanding how other people think and feel. 

Empathize Stage: Samann Badge

Thanks for stepping into someone else’s shoes.  Empathy helps designers see and understand other people’s problems…just like scientist Julius Samann did when his milkman complained about an unpleasant reality of his job:  the smell of spoiled milk lingering in his truck.  Samann had been doing research on alpine tree aromas and began experimenting with ways to infuse paper with tree oil.  When he had the formula just right, he sent his tree-shaped inventions to local gas stations and the Little Tree air freshener took off.  Today, well over a billion Little Trees have been sold around the world!


An inquisitive investigator, driven to dig deep and sicover the hidden causes of problems. 

Define Stage: Mayden Badge

Way to ask good questions!  Wondering how the power of play could help his son and other children, designer Jason Mayden left his dream job at Nike to start his own company, Superheroic.  The company designs sneakers (with soles inspired by a mountain goat’s hoof!) and other equipment to spark kids’ imaginations and support the way they move.  Mayden’s company embraces its mission of building stronger children by understanding that play helps children imagine who they want to be, push their limits, and grow.


A creative and flexible thinker, brimming with imaginative ways to solve tricky problems. 

Ideate Stage: McVicker Badge

Way to get creative!  Seeing the possibilities in things around you can lead you to unexpected places…which is how Play-Doh was invented.  Many years ago, a man named Noah McVicker developed a type of putty that people used to clean soot off of their wallpaper.  When people stopped using coal for heat, demand for the putty died down.  But Noah’s nephew, Joe, heard from his sister-in-law that the putty was great for classroom arts and crafts.  McVicker’s company changed the formula and started producing the putty in three bright colors.  Now, 63 years later, Play-Doh is known and loved by children around the globe.


An inventive builder, able to transform ideas into real objects or experiences with his own two hands. 

Prototype Stage: The Medal Project Badge

That’s how to get the ball rolling!  To find out if an idea will work, you have to bring it into the world and try it out, like the Tokyo Olympic Committee did when they imagined making the 2020 Olympic medals entirely out of recycled metal.  To make this dream a reality—and collect the eight tons of precious metal needed—the Committee asked people across the country to donate old electronic devices.  It took two years and the support of countless citizens, but The Medal Project reached its goal.  In July, the Committee kicked off the one-year countdown to the start of the Games by revealing the design for the medals, which highlights themes of brilliance, hard work, friendship, and diversity.


An open-minded experimenter, dedicated to improving solutions through trial and feedback. 

Test Stage: L.L. Bean Badge

Now you see…testing is the key to a good product and a happy user!  Products that don’t work like they’re supposed to can be frustrating and confusing, which is why companies like L.L.Bean put their goods to the test to find out how, when, and where they will break down.  See for yourself how the L.L.Bean lab technician flexes, pulls, stretches, and stresses products to make sure they deserve a spot in the company’s lineup.


A memerizing storyteller, inspired to engage and inform audiences through words and pictures. 

DT Philly Showcase: Google Doodle Badge

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the final stage of DT Philly and are working on the best way to tell your design story.  There are many good ways to tell a story.  Consider, for example, the way Google tells a different story every day of the year through the Google Doodle.  Using animation and graphic design, Google shares stories—like this one about Selena Quintanilla—without words.  While you won’t have any such restriction when explaining your project, think about how you can show as well as tell the story of your DT Philly project.

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