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Why DT Philly?

Not sure how DT Philly can help in your classroom?  Here are a few reasons why teachers join DT Philly:

  • to provide a fun and authentic learning experience that supports students’ development as critical thinkers
  • to help students understand their environment and their ability to change things around them
  • to provide context and structure for your problem- and project-based learning initiatives
  • to promote curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • to facilitate STEM/STEAM learning
  • to give students the tools, mindsets, and opportunity to take something from idea to implementation
  • to learn from and be inspired by teachers and students in other schools who are using design thinking
  • to achieve a goal or explore a complex problem or issue that’s important to you and your classroom—in the same way design thinking is used outside of school to creatively address the needs and goals of individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities

We also asked students and teachers to share feedback about their experiences with Design Thinking Philadelphia.  Here are the themes that emerged from those surveys: 


 Are you interested in bringing design thinking to your classroom?  Learn more about program logistics to see if DT Philly is right for you.