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Stage 2:Empathy Stage
Assignment: Fresh Perspectives

Take a look at the pictures in your activity kit  The experience of going to school every day—an experience shared by children all over the world—can be very different for people depending on their circumstances and environments.  This is true whether people are from different countries, or just from different parts of the same city.  How do you get to school every morning?  Do you walk?  Does a parent drive you?  Do you ride a bike or take a bus?  What about your teacher?  Understanding how one person’s habits or needs are different from another person’s is important for designers.  It helps them come up with solutions that work for lots of people instead of just a few.   Think about all of the people you want to help with your project (designers call these people “users”).  Do some of these people have different habits, wants, or needs?  Designers sometimes create character cards which they call “personas” or “user profiles” to represent the types of people who will use their product or service.  This helps them remember what is important to different users.  Try creating user profiles for your own project.  Using the forms in your activity kit, create story cards for two or three characters based on real people you are helping through your project.  These might include teachers, staff, and students (including different types of students— students with different interests or behaviors, etc )