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Stage 1:Start Up Stage
Assignment: Meet the Team
  1. Choose a team name and upload a photo or image for your team logo or picture—maybe a silly selfie!  Use the “edit” function in the menu bar on your team page to enter this information.  (The “edit” function is only available under the teacher’s account, not student accounts—if you don’t see this feature, upload the information under this assignment and we will move it to the proper place.) 
  2. Have everyone (teacher and students) sign into their account and select or upload an image/avatar for their personal profile.  Use the “edit my profile” option under the “My Account” menu to do this.
  3. Write a brief paragraph—no more than 125 words—in the “About” section introducing your team.  There are sample introductory questions listed there if you’re not sure what to say).  Earn 5 bonus points by including a fun video introduction of your team!