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Stage 2:Empathize Stage
Assignment: Our Design Challenge

Share with us five or more problems you considered for your design challenge.  Try to include a few problems you experience at school, a few from home or elsewhere in your personal lives, and a few you experience in your community, city, or the world at large.  As a team, decide which problem will become the focus of your DT Philly project, turn that problem into a question using the “how might we” format, and quickly confirm that your project is desirable and feasible.  There are two templates in the back of this handbook to help you with this.  You can fill out and upload the templates, write the information on the board and take photos of it to submit, or simply enter your responses to the questions under this activity.  Earn 5 bonus points by taking original photos to document the problems you identify and submit them with this assignment.

See Example Here (click image to expand):