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Stage 6:Test Stage
Assignment: See for Yourself

Lots of unintended things can happen when you don’t carefully think through and test you designs!  Find the appropriately marked bag in your activity kit.  Does this bottle topper seem like a good idea?  Watch the video to see what happened when a reporter tested it live on TV: (there is a clickable link to the video under this activity on your team page).  Now it’s your turn!  Try to use the bottle topper with a standard 12 oz. drink can.  (We recommend using a can of seltzer water, and doing this outside or away from any important material.)  Is the product easy to use, effective, and intuitive—like you want your design to be?  Let us know about your experience using this product to earn the Mt. Washington Observatory Badge, and hover over the badge on your team page to learn the extremes to which some designers go to test their work.  What steps are you taking to ensure that your design makes the grade?