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Stage 2:Empathize Stage
Assignment: The Big Picture

Use the large easel pad that came with your activity kit to create a rich picture that maps out everything you know about your problem.  Your picture should include all of the things that make up the ecosystem of your problem—the living (people) and nonliving (objects or structures) components of your problem, any actions and interactions that occur, the physical setting in which the problem occurs, and anything that influences the problem (rules or social norms).  After discussing what you know, come up with three to five goals for your project—things that will change or be better after you design a solution (there is a template in the back of your handbook you can use, if you wish).  At the end of your project, you'll use these goals to measure or evaluate the impact of your solution.  Upload or enter your work.  See section 2.1 of your playbook, "Developing a Project Focus" for additional information.