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Stage 6:Test Stage
Assignment: See for Yourself

What steps are you taking to ensure your design makes the grade?  Unintended things can happen if you don’t rigorously test your designs.  Find the bag in your activity kit and consider the object enclosed.  Does it seem like a good idea?  It’s advertised as a washable and reusable tool to prop up a phone or tablet; mount a phone or tablet on a wall, mirror, or car dashboard; or to hang up all kinds of other items.  Now go ahead and give it a try.  (Important:  please take precautions to ensure that if the product does not work as advertised, your phone or device will not be damaged in a fall.)  How was your experience with this item?  Is it effective and easy to use—like you want your design to be?  Share your test experience to earn the Lands' End Badge, then hover over the badge on your team page to see how one company uses feedback and testing to improve their products.