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Stage 6:Test Stage
Assignment: Pre-mortem

Here’s a superpower many designers and innovators would like to have:  the ability to see into the future.   You may have heard of a post-mortem, a medical examination to determine a person’s cause of death, but have you ever heard of a pre-mortem?  In the business world, a pre-mortem is an exercise in which you anticipate the things that might cause a product, service, or event to fail. A well-known example of a product that failed to take off after a much-hyped launch is Google Glass.  Find the cards in your activity kit and see if you can spot any problems that might have prompted Google to discontinue the product in 2015.  Now, apply this type of thinking to your own design(s).  The time is one year from now, and the design(s) you so proudly launched are six feet under.  What went wrong?  Identify and share every possible problem that could have brought down your design(s).  Coming back to the present time, is there anything you can do to protect your design(s)?  Upload your pre-mortem evaluation of Google Glass as well as your pre-mortem evaluation of your own design(s).